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Honeysticks was created in 2007 when a teacher noticed the kids chewing on their crayons, which are traditionally a concoction of petrol & printing pigments. This didn't sit well. The quest for a safe & natural alternative landed on beeswax as the primary ingredient for our first product, and Honeysticks was born. Hand-crafted by New Zealand’s oldest crayon maker & still hand-made in New Zealand out of the highest quality natural & food grade ingredients! We are proudly a family owned business. We make safe, natural & eco-friendly products for families around the world. Our hope is that Honeysticks will provide hours of fun & entertainment for your kids, allowing them to be naturally creative! Just like they have for ours.
All our Honeysticks products are made from natural and food grade ingredients. Although we do not make food products, by using food grade ingredients our products are safer and better for children if they happen to put them into their mouths.
We blend and create all our colours from food grade pigments. Although we do not make food products, by using food grade ingredients our product is safer and better for children if they happen to put them into their mouths.
Beeswax is a by-product of producing delicious honey. Bees produce beeswax to make their hives. When the hives are full the honey is extracted. To extract the honey, the beeswax is scraped off the top of the honeycomb and the honey is removed. The beeswax is then refined and made into our awesome crayons! Throughout this process the bees are unharmed and continue on their cycle making honey and more natural beeswax.
Honeysticks are proudly handmade in our New Zealand based factories. We develop all our product with food scientists to make our products the safest they can be!
All our products are made with beeswax, soy wax, vegetable & mineral ingredients with no animal products being used in our crayons. The only animal by-product is beeswax.
Our beeswax crayons are non-toxic and free of the top 8 allergens (Milk, Eggs, Fish ,Crustacean Shellfish, Tree Nuts, Peanuts, Wheat and Soybeans) Our bath crayons contain soy which is used to soften the crayon. These are made on the same machines as our beeswax crayons so there could be a chance of cross contamination.
All our packaging is recyclable, reusable or biodegradable
We have been manufacturing safe products for over 10 years. All our products are independently tested and supercede all global standards American safety standards ASTM D4236 European toy safety standards EN71.3, C.E. New Zealand and Australian toy standards - The Graphic Materials Group Standard 2009 & AS/NZS ISO 8124.1:2002 These standards require tests for up to 19 different elements including heavy metals.
You may see a light powdery appearance on your Honeysticks crayons. This is called Blooming. This blooming naturally forms on the surface of most beeswax after a period of time. The bloom is harmless and can be removed by simply wiping the crayon with a soft cloth.
Our products are not designed to be eaten however if they do put them in their mouths our products are made from natural and foodgrade ingredients which are safer for your children vs the traditional paraffin wax crayon.
Paraffin wax is derived from petroleum, coal or shale oil. We don't want any of that near kids!
Honeysticks are designed with a childs development in mind. We have 3 types of crayons to step through this development. Our Originals are designed for smaller first time scribblers. Honeysticks Longs are for children as they get bigger and start to use their opposable thumbs. Honeysticks Thins are thinner crayons (no kidding) designed for children who can draw in a more controlled and precise way.
Bath Crayons are designed to make bath time fun! Children can draw on the bath surfaces and it will wash off with a wet cloth. Always test on a small area before using and supervise children in the bath.
Honeysticks crayons are all handmade in our New Zealand factory and therefore not all identical. We think they are perfect, just the way they are.
The only thing you will smell on Honeysticks is the 100% natural beeswax - delicious smell with NO ADDED CHEMICALS OR FRAGRANCES!!


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100% Money Back Guarantee! We know you will love them but if you have any questions or queries with your order please get in touch with us -


Your Honeysticks must be kept out of direct sunlight, stored in a safe dry place away from children when not in use.
Uh oh.. it happens! There are a lot of natural remedies online for tips and tricks on getting crayon off walls - we do have coloring books that can help save your walls!
Our crayons are designed to be used on paper, card and other art materials. Apart from our bath crayons, they are not designed specifically to be washed off however if this was to happen using a cloth wet with warm water could help clean up the crayons.
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